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Opinion on The Sims 4 Get to Together

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Terrible Townie
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So, last week EA announced a brand new expansion pack for The Sims 4 called: The Sims 4 Get Together. It's all about partying and getting together with your friends.

The trailer was great in my opinion, but it felt a bit "empty" or vague. And after reading what the key elements were, it just does not give me an expansion pack feeling. It feels more like a Game Pack. Don't get me wrong. The idea is pretty decent/accurate, since partying and going out with friends is a big thing in our lives. But after what we've seen and what they told us about the pack, it just does not feel like it will offer a lot of new gameplay imo. I love the new dance styles and I really do like the get together idea, but is it good enough for an expansion pack? I think that we can agree on one thing and that is that we all expected something else and especially after all these "hints". I love Late Night/Nightlife but this pack does not give me that feeling.

The world looks very amazing and well done, but it does not really fit the theme. I understand where they wanted to go with the whole world. But when I think about going out with my friends, I think about going out in a urban area and not Windenberg.

They're still working on the pack and Get Together is coming out somewhere in November, so there's still a long way to go. And I really do hope they add some more features, but for now... It just feels a bit empty and more like a game pack instead of an expansion pack. I'm still pretty excited for this pack and I will buy it for sure, but I just wished it had more to it to be called an expansion pack. Ahh well we'll see if they add more to the game and I bet the trailer didn't show all of the gameplay that will come with the pack. (at least I hope.)

I'm very curious what your opinion is on this new upcoming expansion pack.

SNW Webmiss
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I agree on the vague part. When I watched the trailer Torben (SimLinks) was visiting us, and we were watching the press conference together. I mean I'm usually overly excited about a new announcement, but with this one I just didn't know what to expect. XD

I'm not really a party person myself. And I think that reflects in the way I play my Sims games. They hardly have parties lol. During the Sims 2 era I did try to have proper parties. But in The Sims 3 not so much. And I doubt I'll be doing a lot of partying in The Sims 4 haha :P

But I do love all the new objects and the clothing! I just got my hands on the game, as EA provided me with an early access copy for review purposes. And I can tell you I'm pretty amazed by the content itself.
As for gameplay, I have yet to discover if I like that part in this pack.

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