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People keep saying that a design looks like it's "rosie" when they look at it (people who know me of course), what is it exactly, that gives away that it's a design by me? the design itself? colors? something else? /curious :p
stylistics, Professional , eye candy , thats Rosie style.

Oh I do not want to suck up, why should I, If you want some criticism then I can also say that, but mostly because you are a good friend I try to be carefull in my words not to offend or give you a bad feeling, already did that ones with my comment on your Creature code.

But you know I can be a bit negative towards your design too... for instance though the sims part of snw looks good, I personally think its too dark for me, I have problems with brownisch text on a brown background, I rather see it like here, this forums are clear, better to see colors. But then again, thats not the reason why i never posted that much on the sims site, the reason is that i'm not into the sims at all, heck I do not even post much on our own website and those are colors I've picked out :)

The sporesite here is much brighter, I like it that way :)
Thanks DeKDeS. I can tale criticism. But with the creature code it came out wrong (my words - I overreacted while I tried not to).

In the future, I will change the Sims SNW site/forums a little. The brown/red/orange layout will stay, but I will also re-make an old layout (the silver/white one), to compensate for people who have problems reading on this one :) I've heard more 'complaints' from people who have a hard time using this one. So I fully understand, don't worry :)

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