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:girl: Hey, have you ever heard this joke. OK there`s an alien and three crowds of people. The alien walks past the first crowd of people and they say "I`m gon kill you". Then he walks past the the second crowd of people and they say " What you gon do fatty. The third crowd of people are on a television and say "Plug it in, plug it in". Then a cop sees the alien and says "I`m takin you to Area 51 to do some expiriments on you". The alien says "I`m gon kill you". The cop says "Your under arrest for threatin`n me". The alien says "What you gon do fatty". The cop says "Put you in the electric chair!" The alien says "Pug it in, plug it in."

To hear more jokes visit me at Tiraneena@yahoo.com, and my real name is Brittany Whiting. Just so you know. You could also visit me at my myspace htpp/www.myspace.Tiraneena.com

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Hi Brittany... a tip... don't publish your mail address like this. You might end up getting a load of spam if you do. It's better to ask people to send you a PM if they want your mail address...

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good point Rosanna

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