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The new race in development, Project "Yellopy"

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Ok first of all the reason why this is not in the "creature corner" board instead, is because thsi is actually a "game" i'm playing rather then just a random creature i made.

I want to introduce to you the Yellopy project, its called a project because of the reason how I play this time.
Usually my creature change a lot during the making, they change in texture and color and part's in huge amount of difference.

But this time I'm trying not to make the differences too much, and let it slowly develop in creature phase.
Also "Yellopy" is just the prior name. Over time when I do the final edit before tribal phase, it will get its official name.

Ok since we can't share cells in the sporepedia, here is a screenshot of the creature I started a new game with on "medium" mode.

the Yellopy cell ' herbivore'


After leaving the sea and going on land it turned into this:
(from now on I will quote the descriptions (but now WITH spellchecker hehe), first the description then the linked image)
(yes Paul,the shrimp LOL)

1st gen tweak (edit) in creature phase:
The Yellopy has developed spitting, also it increased in size and has developed legs, very useful as a land creature...oh and it can sneak and dance a bit.
Its now a "yellopyr":
2nd gen tweak (edit) in creature phase:
The Yellopy that became a yellopyr has now evolved to a yellopyra. It's feet got harder to sustain longer walks, its right eye has developed, and it has grown an arm yes 1 arm..guess some God thought it was funny..
3th gen tweak (edit) in creature phase:
The Yellopy that became a yellopyr That became a yellopyra now after a few million years became the Yellaydox, Oh god, don't ask me what has evolved over the years.. just see it..

(I just had to skip a few billion years, because I find it difficult to only apply little changes, so this is the first big step in evolving but also still its former generation can be recognized)
4th gen tweak in creature phase: the yellaydox,is now the Yellaydoxy. It has grown its second arm.. but seems the tentacle is still there... also for some reason it lost 1 eye but gain a second mouth, its tail shrunk a bit. as the body has grown larger.

And that is it for now as I'm still playing this in the creature phase.

I have made a sporecast (link) in which I will place all the related yellopy creations, this includes things I will make or tweak when I reached space phase.

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