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My Largest paint job ever - Color test boards

Team Llama
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Some might say I was bored out of my skull, or have no life at all, but I just finished my largest paint project ever.
The DeKDeS-Board Color tests.


Each large square consists of 81 small squares.

The border of the squares represent the 15 main colors (inclusing black&white which i know is not a color but hey...)

The middle 49 squares represent the main color's variation colors. colored in the matte texture.

It took me some days/ hours to paint each single square of the 15 main colors in all variations.

Why did i make these?

well there are some reasons:

1. I'm totally insane :wink:
2. I love to see the colors in-game because the vary from the editor looks.
3. To adjust/tune my monitor/video card color settings.

Feel free to use them as you wish, but be nice and at least show me some credit if you like this.
Some just think I just wasted good spore time of my life, other might appreciate this, but the main thing is I enjoyed making this, it was fun to see how much i could really concentrate to get each square the correct color variation of 1 of the 15 main colors in the pallet.

When using other textures the color can also vary, but using this boards you can use the "select texture/color" only trick in the building editor to check out how another texture might apply to the existing color.

Anyhow, to get all of the 15 main DeKDeS-Board color test boards, surf to my spore page at http://www.spore.com/view/profile/DeKDeS

or subscribe to the sporecast I've made for it.


SNW Webmiss
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Sure is insane. But me being a designer, I love colors and I think this is awesome :)

Bella's Best Friend Forever
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Insane, what the .... I saw these squares on Spore.com.
This is no insanity, this is pure foolish.
Congrats Dekdes, you showed us what patience is, just a wonderfull piece of work....

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