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How will you create the universe?

The Creature DNA Archive Topic

Bella's Best Friend Forever
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SNW Webmiss
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I'll just re-post mine here, the merging isn't impossible but my messages are older so that would end up looking weird.

So here we go!

Curly (DNA Challenge #1)

Experimental Reindeer (DNA Challenge #2)

Toontlet (DNA Challenge #3)

Fern King (DNA Challenge #4)

Team Llama
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Erhm.... I do like this friendly meant topic, but I rather have all in the same topic if you guys don't mind.

So don't get me wrong Paul, but also on the Sporum I just host it in a single topic, the only thing people have to add while posting is explaining from what assignment number they are made. Nothing complicated about that?

So I hope you do not get upset about this (I'm not) but I rather have this topic closed.

The reason is that I already have enough topics to track, and I just rather keep this DNA challenge all in 1 topic.

So again I do thank you for this friendly addition, but please next time PM me first? :-J

SNW Webmiss
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I understand. After Paul has seen the reply we will close (or remove) this topic :)

Bella's Best Friend Forever
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I do understand your reply, it wasn't meant to give you more work than there is, but more to seperate all the extra entries from the maintopic and the running assignment.
But I am not angry or upset, and why should I...... So .... By answering your reply I immediatly close this topic

I already closed it

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