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Let's get the Rising Star achievement

Terrible Townie
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According to the prima Spore Guide there is a 'Rising Star' achievement: Have 5 different Sporecasts subscribed by at least 10 people.

Not a bad idear to organise this here: it's just a fun achievement. So put you 5 Sporecasts here and others can take take a subscription on it.

my 5 Sporecasts are:

Amsterdam ... 0124222226

Eco: ... 0138428696

Hiki's UFO's: ... 0128207062

Hiki's Gebouwen: ... 0122173268

Hiki's Vervoer: ... 0122173316

SNW Webmiss
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I have a lot of Sporecasts, and I really don't know what people like of them. So I'm posting a few, hope you'll enjoy them.

I have to add, I made Sporecasts to hold 50 of my own favorite items. However, some have gone beyond 50 already and some haven't gotten 50 yet. Don't pay attention to the number there :p

Rosie's (50) Favorite Vehicles
Rosie's (50) Favorite Buildings
Rosie's (50) Favorite Creatures
Inspired by Seth
Rosie's Memories

Terrible Townie
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Done: only with the 3th and 5th Sporecast I dont see a SUBSCRIBE button, or UNSUBSCRIBE ... weird ...

Team Llama
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Still one to go I guess...
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SNW Webmiss
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@Hiki: ChEeTaH also mentioned that some of my Sporecasts don't seem to have a button.

I will post 5 more Sporecasts here, hopefully they can all be seen. If they can be seen, let me know. I'll remove the other 5 from the original post (replace them with these).

Turetufic/Cute Fruit
The Froggurrr

Btw Hiki, I couldn't click most of your Sporecasts (probably because sporecasts aren't working properly yet). I visited each sproecast page manually and subscribed. Maybe a tip for everyone, if a certain link doesn't seem to work, check to see if the Sporecast does exist if you go there manually :)

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My sporcasts: ... 0150067475 ... 0150065173 ... 0149973258 ... 0149963912 ... 0149959331

Please subscribe :shake2: can't wait to get :arrow: Rising Star :!: achievement. 8-)

My Spore username is :) Wondermage :)

(Excuse :frusty: my random :D smilies, :D it's my first time on the :sweat: site, want to test them out) :shut:

SNW Webmiss
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Wondermage wrote:My Spore username is :) Wondermage :)

(Excuse :frusty: my random :D smilies, :D it's my first time on the :sweat: site, want to test them out) :shut:

Next time I'll login, I'll add you to my buddy list :) And welcome on SporeNetwork!

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