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EA Downloader = Browser troubles on EA (Store) Sites?

Terrible Townie
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I made this topic yesterday on US forums but no reactions: maybe one of you can help?

Yesterday I saw on the US EA Store the announcement of the new Spore pack: Cute & Creepy. But as soon as i hit that announcement screen i automatically go to the Dutch version of the EA Store.

I would like te be able to check out some of the stuff sold in other countries, that's not allways what is availible for us in the Netherlands. Or to be able to see the information (if there is information there) of things not announced yet on the Dutch EA Store.

I tried to get rid of that browser 'bug' by deleting all my coockies, and I work with Mozilla and Internet Explorer, but nothing helps. And checking on forums: I am not the only one who has this problem.

Is their a way to be able to browse EA Stores without this 'bug'?

Is it caused by the EA Downloader that I allways go to the Dutch Version?

Should I uninstall EA Downloader?

I have a Dutch Spore Blog and would like te be able to get the information from (US) EA Stores.

Team Llama
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Probably because in your account you said that you live in the Netherlands. A few solutions you might want to try:
a) Logout of (and subsites), then head to the EA Store
b) Manipulate the URL by adding "&locale=en-us" to the end, and you should get the US page. Not sure if that (still) works though, but I think that was it...
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Terrible Townie
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Ill try some of your suggestions later. TY

I allso saw in the EA Downloader that I can change the language: maybe I should try that too. But with the patch coming now any moment I rather wait a little.

SNW Webmiss
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I have the same problem btw. When I go to the store, it redirects automatically to the Dutch site. And when I visited, it didn't have the stuff pack on it yet...

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