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Hint/tip about the Identity Crisis achievement

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That one.

I finally got it, but there is something you might not known yet about earning this achievement.

My experience on this is personal, but this is what happened to me:

Can you remember when I posted about the first time my game crashed and I lost 2 of my races (games) i was playing with?

Well I've found that I know the reason why it crashed, I did the exactly the same thing in my current game as I had done before with the games that crashed and I've lost.

I played both sides in space and contacted both my own "HOME" planets, to establish a first contact to make friends.
This is what causes my game to crash.

(Don't worry i'm lucky this time only delete 1 race, please read on)

Never the less, I must say the game that crashed was a game in which I cheated to get passed the civ. game. My other current space race i've not cheated with at all (huh? yes that's right I finally played and succeed in a civ game on Normal mode, seems playing holy works best for me , yay for me, no money cheat!) ;)

So perhaps because of this cheat the game crashed on the "cheated game" side.

BUT, to get back on the achievement:

With my none-cheated game I managed to make an alliance as needed for the achievement, with my cheated-game.
And I did not get the achievement, even when I've allied them.

Here comes the strange part and how I still got the achievement today:

"you do not need the game to be a saved game!, deleted worlds (games) will stay in your spore galaxy!"

yes, I've chosen to delete the cheated praextorian evil race, and kept my holy lover none cheats game.

Then, in space, I saw my old game! or at least a copy of it, the planet had the same name "nibiru" and the colonies where the same, and I was still an ally.

Whats I've done then was breaking the alliance, which gives a Negative 89 score, so i was neutral again. I did some mission, bribed with some money, and then on friendly I asked an alliance again with the copy of my deleted game and..

PLING!!! Image

So the main thing is, I think its possible you can encounter old games that you've deleted, and if they where in space stage and you did not already have the achievement, try to establish that with those copy game worlds.

I think its perfectly normal, because the achievement clearly states " Forge an alliance between two space-faring races of your OWN creation, so I did, even if it was no longer an actual saved game planet ;)

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