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Here I am, just making a home for my little critters to hang out while I patrol the galaxy.
The Keeper race, zoologists by nature, they go around the galaxy collecting things and creating wildlife preserve planets.
Sprigiff. A tripedal herbivore with a long snout for grabbing stuff from trees, and crystalline deposits on its back that store minerals.
The Furred Gemstone Oddball is one of the two oddballs I've made so far. It roams about using its crystals as a sort of solar energy collector. A native species on the planet it was found on were 'harvesting' gemstone oddballs for personal wealth.
The Segmented Brachus, a carnivore that very roughly resembles a mouse. Its feathers are actually for scenting long distance for its favoured prey, a sentient fungus.

SNW Webmiss
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Very creative, especially like the Sprigiff creature :D

Team Llama
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Very creative, especially like the Sprigiff creature :D
Same here. Nice oddball too!
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Team Llama
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I'm sorry, have not yet seen your oddball creations up till now, I'll add them as soon as the darn spore servers allow me to search online to add stuff to my official oddball sporecast (same goes for resie, have to add yours too). nice oddball and cool other creatures.

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