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Spore creature editor beaten????

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Hmm my cc just gave up on me, or I finally made it confused?

watch this (bad fraps fps) movie on how the cc tells me "spore cannot load this file" (happens when i click on the save creature button)

Some seconds later suddenly Will Wrights head showed up like when spinning the galaxy, but this time with a mad face and telling me " %@^%! you've found out or dark secret!"

Well ok that second part is bullsh^%@ but the part where my editor refuses to save the creature is true, see my youtube vid >

YouTube - Spore creature creator Beaten??

Natural Selection just said "No".

Team Llama
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I may be miles off... but do you still have at least 20-30k of disk space (both in your My Documents and the Windows drive, where the "Documents and Settings" dir is)? What about other creatures, complexity meter, etc?

Other than that, WTH is that creature? did its feet sink in the ground, or is that intentional?
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It has to be said, this is the first time I've seen such a bug. I feel sorry for your poor creature :(

Still got any more problems? or was it that creature only ?

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Lol i've posted this on many fora, and some people also replied like I was looking for help with a problem :)

The creature does not exist anymore, I could not save it because the CC could not handle it.

Its like erh... have you seen the creatures on sporepedia with floating body parts not attached to the main blob?
well this was such an "exploit", but what I had managed is to make the feet part not touch the ground.

This happened when i used the extended limb part COPY & CTRL paste way.

When you place an arm or leg, remove the hand or feet part, then copy the far most part of that limb, but instead of waiting where it can connect, connect it using CTRL. here is a video where I learned about this, I did not realize this could be done ..... but this way you can make enormous long arms or legs (or use that as limb parts)

Well I was making this creature and made the max possible limbs (max by complexity meter), then suddenly when i was trying to criss cross the legs, something happened, 2 pair of feet where not touching the ground, i deleted some other limbs and manage to keep only the legs with the none ground touching feet.

In the animation screen, the creature just fell though the ground, and looked like it did, if it was sunken into a tar pit and could not fully get out of it, I really wanted to save this creature this way, but it appears that spore cannot handle animations like that XD

so it could not be saved, and after a lot of weird and complex creatures i had made, finally i felt like i flipped the bird at the CC :rotfl: HAHA I got you confused darn editor ;)

also as i said i had gotten tips from users, perhaps using alt+f4 to hardly close cc and the creature does get saved that way.. well erh no.
the creature it utterly lost, and trying to reproduce this efect did not worked (YET! XD). when i figure it out again I could make a creature that could walk with 1 feet in the air, like a mime :)

anyhow, i found it funny I finally made something the cc could not handle XD

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