How will you create the universe?

Center of the galaxy - the big spore mystery

Team Llama
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Today I saw a live interview on Live wire (I tuned in a bit too late missed the first part, but youtube videos would soon be out there i suppose (ill re-edit this post when they are) with Lucy Bradshaw, Executive Producer of EA's Spore.

Nothing really new, except the confirmation of a end game quest, (don't worry spore really doesn't have an end, although the space phase does have a playing end, you can go on for ever exploring millions of unique worlds with unique content) in the form of a quest, the quest for the center of the galaxy. EA/Maxis is holding back on this, because its for the player to unfold this secret.
"We are not ready to announce what the end of the game will be, but trust that it will take a dedicated player some time to complete the game" ~Maxis
So what is this end? if you search the internet there are many discussions about it. what is the secret to be unfold? we sure will find out some day.

SNW Webmiss
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what is the secret to be unfold? we sure will find out some day.
All I can say is that the end will be full of awe and fab :D
Of course, I'm unsure what else to say :p

Team Llama
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You battle your way to the centre, and see the whole universe revolves around Will himself! :D

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