How will you create the universe?

Don't let your creativity down!

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Team Llama
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This is what I've written on another forum, I wanted to share this with you guys.

Sometimes you notice you wont get any positive feedback on creations you've made, if you feel down by that, read this my friends.
I found that the best way to be original is NOT to try make something that already exists, meaning making a dog, monkey, frog, car, plane, or whatever thing you could find in this world. My tip? just play around with the editor, without having an idea what to make to start with.

Sometimes i find myself making something, and when i think I've completed it, i just tear of the parts again and start over to end up with something totally different I was starting with the first time.

The creativity is really almost endless, if not endless indeed, though from now and then you might notice creations that look similar to the onces you did, this could be because people just downloaded your original version en remade it, or its just coincidences, though i don't believe in coincidences, saw the Celestine prophecy to many times :nod1:

however whatever, stay creative, don't let yourself get down by harsh critics, if people only give you a thumbs down on your creature where you've spend hours in the making, just lift your shoulders and say " hey I'm proud of my creativity", and sure other people would think that exact same way.

Creativity R us!

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SNW Webmiss
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Awesome of you to share that with us (as well) DeKDeS :) I appreciate that! I know exactly how harsh people can be on creatures. There doesn't necessarily have to be something wrong with it. Some people just deliberately vote other people's creatures down :yuck: :thumbdown2:

That's also one thing I will not add to our Sporepedia, a 'thumbs down' action. No down rating. You can favorite it if you want. Perhaps I will also let people use a function in which they can thank the creator. I can take criticism. But I've been creating custom content for years now, and it really is a huge downer if you spent hours, or even days on something and people vote it down just like that. If I would add a function where people can rate, I will have the names of the users who voted shown with whatever they voted. But I doubt I will. More work, less happy people.

Oh and I just make whatever comes to mind :)
The one thing I 'tried' to re-produce (which had already been done before in Spore itself) was my Froggurrr. But that one has improved.
Oh and my Golden Gate Bridge is something inspired by the real Golden Gate Bridge. Of course, it looks nothing alike. But it was fun to make and you should see it in the Creature Creator. So funny :laugh:

Team Llama
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I have to agree. It is amazing how creative you can be! I have to get out the habbit of being so conventional at times. When you do it is fun. Odd legs, arms everywhere, eyes of the back. It all works. I think the amazing thing is that all it needs is a mouth. Why be conventional with only one soul requirement :P

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