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Spore: a new way of gaming

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Several weeks ago Will Wright, the father of Sims, presented a new way of gaming. This game, called Spore will make today's gaming look old fashioned. So he sais......

What is Spore
Reading the article on Gamespy, a big one with five pages, I can create an image of what we can expect. It looks like a game with several games included.
It all starts with a simple bacteria, swimming around and eating like Pacman. According to the review on Gamespot, when this bacteria can lay an egg, the real game begins.
The game looks like Creatures, Evolution and much more. The gamer can create his own evolution from bacteria to God.

At this moment we don't know when Spore will be released.

Want to read more about Spore
Read the article on Gamespy

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that game looks pretty cool :D

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It does indeed.. I have a announcement to make. It's been quiet around me for a while.. But that has certain reasons.. SNW is expanding with a new site: Spore Network!!

Click here to visit Spore Network. I'll post a newsmessage about this too this week!

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the site you made looks great Rosana ;) good job! 8)

and the game sounds wonderful :) i just can't wait to play :dance:
:meditate: patience! patience! :meditate:

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Thanks Hande! I had to work on it more than a week to make it look exactly like I wanted.. But it's done know :p

I really can't wait either, the game seems huge and I bet it is too..

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