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Dog or Cat

Dog or cat

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Team Llama
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Dog or Cat :?:

Me? - Well I'm a pet dog person :!:

SNW Webmiss
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cat :p have 4 sweet cats.. :)

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Sorry,but does anybody know a Side with pet-Skins?
I'm from German and my English isn't very well...
I'm specially looking for a white poodle,but everything else is also interesting! Please write back!!!!!!!!

Fan of Freezer Bunny
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i'm sorry i don't know any :(

i love cats and dogs :)

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Servo's Slave
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i formatted my brain about the sims when the sims2 arrived so i cannot remember the name of the sites .... sorry :(

i adore cats... i have a cat called Lucy who has a character better than mine :lol:
i love dogs too... but cats are different for me...
for all my life i had many cats and only one dog...may be that's why i love them more...

and in the unleashed pack my favourites were cats also :)

take care all :wave:
:meditate: patience! patience! :meditate:

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Bella's Best Friend Forever
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I feel sorry :) for those who love cats, but I always choose dogs while playing Sims1. Although it's some time ago, I think that Sept. 2004 was probably the last time I saw the old Sims :lol:

@Raggy3 - I still hav an old database with info about several sites, but at this moment I'm refreshing my harddiscs. I will look it up and edit my post if I found some sites. :idea: :!:

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Quicker than I thought, here some links to petskins
Official Simssite, Cool Stuf, Objectspage
Ophelia, dogskins, several pages
Ophelia, catskins, several pages
:wink: GOOD LUCK :lol:

Terrible Townie
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I adore both, but if I had to choose one, I would choose cats, they are less slobbery, LOL! :lol: :dance4:

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