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Hot Date F.A.Q.

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When is The Sims: Hot Date coming out?
It will be in stores by mid-November in the US and Europe.

Is Hot Date an add-on or is it a stand-alone?
It's an add-on pack. You will still need The Sims to play.

Will Hot Date install completely to my hard drive?
Some files will be put on your hard drive, but you will need the CD to play.

How much space will it take up on my hard drive?
About 600mb.

What will it cost?
$29.95 in the United States.

What is the ESRB rating for Hot Date?
We expect Hot Date to have a T (Teen) rating, just like The Sims.

What's in it?
Over 125 new objects, new characters, new downtown area, over 40 new one-on-one social interactions, and new personals and downtown exchanges on website!

Livin' Large and House Party had a lot of pretty weird stuff. What's Hot Date going to be like?
Hot Date is all about dating! Everything in it is designed to make dating more fun for both you and your Sims!

Can you play without some of the new objects if you want?
Yes. Just don't buy them for your Sims' home.

Will each neighborhood get its' own downtown, or will all neighborhoods have the same downtown area?
Each neighborhood will have its' own downtown area.

Will there be any new interactions?
Yes, there are over 40 new one-on-one social interactions.

I've downloaded lots of stuff for The Sims. Will Hot Date be compatible?
Hot Date is fully compatible with the existing downloads.

Is it compatible with Windows 2000?
Hot Date is not officially compatible with Windows 2000.

Will any cheat codes be added or removed?
No cheat codes will be changed or removed. We may add one or two, however.

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