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Livin Large F.A.Q.

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When is The Sims: Livin' Large coming out?
Livin' Large will hit U.S. store shelves in September of this year. We are planning a nearly simultaneous release worldwide.

Is Livin' Large an add on or is it a stand-alone?
It's an add-on pack. You will still need The Sims to play.

Will Livin' Large install completely to my hard drive?
Some files will be put on your hard drive, but you will need the CD to play.

What is the ESRB rating for Livin' Large?
Livin' Large will have a T (Teen) rating, just like The Sims.

What will it cost?
$29.95 in the US.

How many new objects are there?
Over 120 new objects, plus lots of other new content including tons of walls, floors, skins and NPCs (non-player characters).

I heard there are new careers. What are they?
Paranormal, musician, slacker, hacker and journalist.

Is the guinea pig in it?
Yes. All the downloadable objects from SimDays past will be on the disk.

Can you play without some of the new objects if you want?
Yes. Just don't buy them for your Sims' home.

Will Sims be able to have sex in the expansion pack?
The Sims will be able to "play" in bed. This is open to interpretation.

Will there be castle designs?
Yes. Livin' Large includes an extensive collection of antique furniture, floors, walls and windows. These can be used to create a "castle" environment if desired; however, they make marvelous antiques in any home.

Will the limit to the number of "plug-in" walls and floors be changed?
Yes. The expansion pack will allow up to 65,000 "plug-in" walls and up to 65,000 "plug-in" floors.

Can you have multiple neighborhoods in Livin' Large?
Yes. The neighborhood screen will now allow you to chose among 5 neighborhoods, which gives you the power to create and control up to 50 families - that's 40 more than in the original game!

Will there be more window designs?
Yes. We made a special effort to increase the variety of the window collection.

Will there be any new interactions?
Many objects contain new interactions, such as "clean" on the genie lamp, "make potion" on the chemistry set, or "launch" on the toy rockets.

I heard that furniture in Livin' Large comes in "sets." What does that mean?
In Livin' Large, we designed "sets" of furnishings that look particularly good together. You also mix and match to create your own interior designs.

I've downloaded lots of stuff for The Sims. Will Livin' Large be compatible?
The expansion pack is fully compatible with the existing downloads. It will install any Maxis downloads that you missed as well.

Will any cheat codes be added or removed?
No cheat codes will be added or removed.

Will there be more objects that you can use to improve your skills?
Yes. The are many new skill-improvement opportunities in Livin' Large.

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