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Far from a straight up console port, the Sims 2 has had so much added and streamlined away that it could almost be considered an entirely new game. Thankfully, much of what's missing consists of on-screen interface clutter, and what's been added may be enough to motivate fans of the original PC version to pick up the game for their console of choice when it arrives.
The first thing we noticed is the wealth of new options in the creation of sims. Clothing can now me modified and layered, and different prints can be applied. All told there are more than four thousand different articles of clothing with four different variants each. It should now be exponentially easier to find that perfect look or re-create our favorite celebrities so we can feed them raw chicken until they die.

Feeding strange things to people offers a whole new world for social interaction and faux pas. Not only are delivered groceries available to be blended, baked or served raw, but players can acquire fruit trees and herb gardens to harvest. They can even loot fish from their aquarium to feed to unsuspecting guests. These culinary adventures can result everything from nausea inducing swill to aphrodisiacs and health drinks.

Sim aging, which for some was more of a curse than anything, has been left out, but in its place are tons of new objects, social options, areas, and a new "creativity" aspiration. Expanded stories for the sims of familiar neighborhoods are also a nice perk.

Even more notable, and perhaps necessary for making the game work best with a mouse-free interface, is that for the first time in the long running series players are able to take direct control of their sims. Possessing different sims is as easy as tapping the shoulder buttons, and upon relinquishing control or a sim it will continue with its assigned tasks or fulfill its desires unguided. Interaction with objects and other sims has been condensed into context sensitive menus that pop up when the sim stands in front of something, which leaves most of the screen clear of unnecessary information until it's called for. It's much easier to appreciate all then fascinating toys to play with when they're not hidden behind a bunch of bars and buttons.

On the whole everything has become much more accessible to the more casual console gamer without losing any of the depth of the PC original.

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