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Newspaper print issue in sims 2

Servo's Slave
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I am currently trying to solve a severe issue in sims 2. i know this is not a sims 2 forum, but i just thought i'd share this with you. if this wasn't so screwed up it would be hilarious. Just look at the pics! :eek:

Currently trying to solve this in Modthesims2 forum. If you are interested to see what is happening, go to http://www.modthesims2.com/showthread.php?t=302524


SNW Webmiss
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That's just weird. :confused: I haven't experienced anything like this yet. But I have to be honest. I don't have Apartment Life yet (no money to buy it myself and someone seems to have messed things up at EA - causing the fansites to miss out on this one), and ever since Spore came out, I haven't played any other game. Is this an issue more people are having?

Servo's Slave
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I have read about some people who ever had it on some textures. however a simple reinstall seemed to have usually solved it for them, and the error didn't show up in almost all of the basegame-stuff either.

My laptop can handle Sims 2 way better than my computer, however my laptop vid card is not supported for Sims 2, therefor EA's helpdesk is not an option. Sigh...

Team Llama
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As noted in the MTS2 thread: this doesn't have anything to do with the graphics card - very unlikely anyway. It's missing textures, or textures are corrupt.

Few things you could try: download an AL torrent, install from that. Try different graphics settings (esp. texture quality). Manually extract the .package files from the DVD (I assume they're in a data2.cab file or so as usual) to your installation directory.

Make sure you don't install any EP to the same directory as TS2 itself!
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