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LEGACY - Rich, Richer, Richest

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Goal: Become the richest Sim in your neighborhood. It can be a tricky goal, so at the end you must have a rich family with at least the fourth and fifth generation living at the elderly house.

Game/Expansions: At least University and Open for Business

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=== The Parent Generation ===
  • 1. Create a happy couple, a male and female. Let them be partners. Make sure that they will like each other, because they are the roots of your family-stock.
    2. Buy a 5x5 lot.
    3. Build your starters home, big enough to contain a family of three.
    4. Get pregnant (the limit is two children).
=== The first generation ===
This generation will be the start of your fortune. From the moment this child is born, until he/she dies, this will be the patriarch or matriarch of your family and generations to come.
BEWARE - If you have two children, choose which one will become the start of your expanding family-tree.
  • 1. Grow, grow, grow ... that's the first thing to do.
    2. Starting as a toddler, try to learn as many skills as possible.
    3. As a child, make friends for life.
    4. As a teenager, learn and try to fill your skills.
    5. If you have University, become a student in Economics. Get a job.... Find your love of your life (only NPC or townies allowed) ... Become an A class student and graduate Cum Laude.
    6. Get back to your elderly home.
    7. Finally an adult, find a job in the economic area. Marry your love (this can be when your Sim is back in the hometown, or already when your Sim is a student).
    8. Make a start to become richer. Expand your elderly home and make a start to create the second generation (the limit is two children).
=== The second generation ===
The second generation is the one, which has to make the family fortune going up. So, if you have Open for Business, you may use this from now.
  • 1. Like the first generation, if you have two children, choose who will continue the family tree.
    2. Most important ... grow, learn, be the best and marry your love. But your Sim have to return to his/hers elderly home.
    3. Expand your elderly home so three generations can live there.
    4. In the meanwhile your parent generation will be old or they died. If they are still living, let them move to an another lot. If they have died, create a graveyard in your garden.
    5. Find a well paid job, climb the ladder to become a richer person.
    6. Buy a business lot. Start your own business.
    7. Become pregnant, now only one child is allowed.
=== Other rules ===
  • NO CHEATING, only move_objects is allowed.
    Create your family tree, make a picture of it and show us all the generations from the parent generation until the fifth generation.
    Show that you are rich. Show us your rooms, your wealth
More rules will follow soon, for now, make a start and show us your legacy

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