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Boolprop... query.

Servo's Slave
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I hope this is the right place for this.

I'm having trouble using the Boolprop cheat. First off I'm not entirely sure it works with TS2 Pets. Second I'm not sure I've even got the cheat 100% right. (:lol:) Bascially it doesn't work. Lol.

This is what I'm entering: Boolprop Cheatsenabled true

Have I got this right? Are other people having the same problem or is is just me? :oops:

If you could help me out on this, that'd be great. :D

~ Galatea

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Bella's Best Friend Forever
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This question wasn't placed on the right forum, but I moved it. In the meanwhile I tried to figure out, which cheat you were looking for.
The only Boolprop I know and can find with the word cheat in it is : boolprop testingcheatsenable true

I hope I solved your problem....

Servo's Slave
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Sorry Paul, I wasn't sure which to put it in as it related to technical help and pets. My apologies.

Thanks for your help, I'll try that and get back to you if to doesn't work.

The cheat that I was using before I got TS2 Pets was the one where you hold shift and click on objects, such as the mailbox or the dustbin. And loads of opinions come up.
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