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International Version, problems with the english install

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So I bought the international version of Sims 2 and all three add on packs, figuring the money I saved would be worth the wait time, right? No. I don't know what this guy is doing, but his english install disks are pretty much all bust, zip errors and such. He's trying his best to rectify the situation, but honestly the language barrier (He's in Thailand) is making this a very VERY drawn out problem. I've had about all the aggravation I can take with this, so does ANYONE know where I can get the english language install disks? I just need the files, I can work the rest out myself, I just can't speak Thai so playing this in the default setting is not really an option. (echos of Chris Farley: "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD I DON'T SPEAK JAPANESE!")

If anyone knows where I can find the english primer disks or the files to make them, please PLEASE tell me. Any other ideas are welcome too, I just need to find a solution here.

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This is quite a story, but most of all ... if you bought the international version or so called Multi Lingual, there must be an opening screen where you are prompted in wich language you will setup and play.
If you didn't had this openingscreen, then your version isn't international (strange idea however).

Maybe it will help, if you give us some more information about the packages you bought and where they were bought. Maybe there is someone who knows the answer....

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