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Nightlife and custom hacks etc

Team Llama
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Hi and greetings from England.

I have spent most of yesterday trying out 'Nightlife' with different hacks, meshes etc. I have found that most 'global hacks' will work but will cause adverse effects in the game. My advice to you is not to have these hacks in your game until they have been updated by their creators. One hack I extensively tested which could be termed global was the 'lizzy love bed'. This still seems to work as intended (woohoo with teens etc) without any problems caused to the game.

Many people are saying their custom clothing/meshes are not showing up. My advice to you before installing 'Nightlife' is as follows;

1) Remove your downloads folder from my documents/ea games/ the sims 2.
2) Save it on your desktop or somewhere safe.
3) Install Nightlife.
4) Play the game and save.
5) Make another download folder and copy all your clothing and meshes into it from your old downloads folder.
6) Load Nightlife and check in 'create a sim' to see if all your stuff is there.
7) Load an old game which you know had custom sims in it and check they are correct.
8) Save and exit
9) Add objects in groups and see if they show up ok.
10) If you do want to try some hacks.......put them in 'downloads root folder...they do not seem to show up if in a nested folder.

I hope this helps :wink:

I have now put back my custom object files and they all work fine 8)
Due back in Holland 26/9 doh!!!

SNW Webmiss
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Thanks for the tips SteveUK!

I didn't experience any problems either though I did here some others about it, that meshes/skins didn't work.. As for objects, I mainly have recolors so that's not a problem for me :)

Team Llama
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Here is a link to a censor blur remover patch for Nightlife. This alters the exe file so make sure you back-up the original. Thanks go to Niko for this patch;
http://www.sims2community.com/showthrea ... post210184


UPDATE: Instead of the above hack which changes the exe file, download this one;
this will not make any changes at all to system files. :wink:
Due back in Holland 26/9 doh!!!

Team Llama
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kl, it always annoys me, well i suppose that in the sims 3 (assuming they do one - like they wond :P ) they'll finally do it properly

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