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Virus warning

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Sometimes there is a virus hoax spreading round. When I recieved a message about a Simssite, that was spreading virusses, I didn't believe this.

After checking some sources, I didnt find an URL, but some warnings about meshes containing a virus. Downloads from one of our affiliates, Sims2Sisters, are considered infected, but I can't find anything true about this.

But, if you have downloaded something containing virusses, please let us know. Just place your reply in this topic.

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Virus hoaxes are false reports about non-existent viruses, often claiming to do impossible things. Unfortunately some recipients occasionally believe a hoax to be a true virus warning and may take drastic action and forwarding the message to lots of people causing severe strength on the internet.

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Thanks Lord Marino, for explaining virus hoaxes, but like I said, I didn't believe it at all.
In the meanwhile I contacted the admins of Sims2Sisters, but they never had any complaint about their downloads or the fact that their downloads were containing virusses.

Some of my other contacts (among them a virushunter) mailed me, that this must be marked as a hoax, because they didn't get any report about downloads for The Sims (1 or 2) containing virusses.

Checking om various Simsfansites learns us, that downloading Sims-stuff is very populair. And that's the reason this topic is started. When you download a package, and it does contain virusses, you can report it in this topic. We will try to warn the webmaster/admins of the mentioned site.

And, maybe this is a relief for you all, downloads from SNW are garantueed free of virusses.

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Maybe it's the pop-up..
Because this link from S2S contain a pop-up with a trojan. So be careful ;)

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It could be someone trying to destroy a reputation

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