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Hiyas, I have been thinking about the sim genre and the games within it and I think that the games are in general, increasing in difficulty. I don't mean for older people, but young children. I have had a go on all the sims citys, and they are becoming increasingly complicated, and features like the roof tool on the sims 2 may be difficult to use.

Do you agree the games are geting harder, and doing so they are eliminating young children's oppertunitys to play the game

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I agree on the fact that it's becoming more difficult but I think that when younger children use a PC, most of the parents do as well, maybe parents should join their little ones while they're behind the pc, to get them known with certain things in a game..

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jokerd, you're absolutely right. Building mode has become somewhat more difficult when you compare it to The Sims 1. Even the gameplay (the neighbourhoods al have a hidden scenario and story when you like to play with the programmed characters) has some difficult moments.
My youngest daughter (7 years old) is as much Simsfanatic as I am, but she asked to reinstall The Sims 1 (and expansions), because she couldn't make nice houses in The Sims 2.
Like Rosana mentioned, if younger children are playing the Sims 2 adults must be standby to help them with the difficult parts.

Team Llama
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I know, I really think maxis is shutting out a whole audience. Even I needed help with roofs when I started as I had this huge complicated house, and auto-roof looked rubbish.

Even in sim city, It took me 2 months to make a decent city, but once you've got the skill its easy and I can found good citys really quick. Shame the exp. pack ruins your budget when you install it lol

In night life they are adding a new half wall tool which I think will further complicate things for younger ones...

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