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Sims 2 to love the Nightlife this fall

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Back cover of University blows the lid of EA's next boogie-happy expansion to the Sims sequel.

As Sims-mad gamers begin to scoop copies of The Sims 2: University off store shelves, they are getting an unexpected glimpse of the future of the series. On the back of the game's CD case is an advertisement (pictured) proclaiming "Bring on the Night" and showing the next installment in the multiplatinum series.

"Send your Sims out for a night on the town in The Sims 2 Nightlife Expansion Pack," reads the ad. "Will they stay out late on a romantic dinner or dance 'til dawn at a nightclub? Find out what else the night has to offer starting Fall 2005." The box also noted that the expansion would require the original Sims 2 to play.

Next to the ad copy is the first in-game image from Sims 2 Nightlife, a picture of a young couple out on what appears to be a date. On the right is a spiked-haired, nattily dressed man taking the hand of an attractive young woman. Besides a jeweled belt and a skimpy red cocktail dress, the woman has some more unorthodox accessories--vampire teeth.

However, it remains unclear if the image means Nightlife players can expect to attend an undead "blood rave" à la Blade or whether it simply means the game adds awful dentistry to the Sims mix. That's because Electronic Arts is still not officially acknowledging the expansion's existence. "There has been no official press announcement about anything," was the only response an EA rep would give as of press time.

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Thanks for the info ZeRo!
I'm going to meet Tim LeTourneau for the second time this year, for a Nightlife presentation. I'll make photos and of course a report!! :D

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This kinda furthers my discussion on maxis making the games too difficult for young kids. With these new social interactions is it going to be too hot for young players, and will parents want their kids growing up thinking *woohoo* is suitable in changing rooms and wherever they are adding in this exp. I suppose this also applies to university, as in sleeping with professors for better grades...

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Unfortunally I have to agree with hexer, Sims 2 is rated 7+, but my youngest daughter (she is 7) doesn't like this game at all. And, just like her father, she is Sims-addicted (is there a cure for this :?: ). So I had to reinstall The Sims 1 (and EPs) so she could play Sims on her own way.

But the new interactions dazzle me too :? , and with Nightlife it will become more and more. But...... I'm still addicted, so this EP will be bought too :lol:

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