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Am I being stupid.....???

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I have just downloaded all the lovely new quilt sets and fell in love with the wallpapers and flooring to match. Can they be downloaded off this site or not cos I cannot find them anywhere! Please get back to me quickly!! Thanks!

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i got them from here i thought that was lovly too but the bad thing is i have got them and for some reason my beds r blue on mine and i cant use them cos they always flashing i have tried to firgure this out but no one knows,, but the wallpapers r nice on the walls just no matchen bed :cry:

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The best way to download objects is using the OPEN commandbutton, it will open the Sims2packager directly and stores the objects, skins etc etc in the Downloadfolder of your Sims2 folder.
When you do this, there will be hardly no problems.

When an object doesn't work well, don't hasitate to send a PM to the artist, maybe he/she can figure out what went wrong. All the crewmembers are here to help if there is a problem.

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So can you get the wallpapers and floors off here or not? Nodody answered my question!!

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it's not that hard to do the wallpapers and floors... you yourself can also make them... just download the homecrafter and use your imagination and creativity ;)

good luck

:meditate: patience! patience! :meditate:

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If you install the CEP, 320 kb, then the object colour should work.
You can find my lots for download at http://modthesims2.com/index.php
MY ID is the same Yada_Yada_Sc

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I've tried to explain the blue objects problem before, but people hardly use a search function on a forum. The objects that turn blue are not ep compatible. That's not my fault. They work if you *just* have Sims 2 and CEP, they won't work for anyone with expansions. You can contact the creator if he or she is a member on Simsnetwork. (if they aren't, then it's a Dutch artist)

I will remove/replace the old recolours soon, when the new SNW goes live.. So please be patient, I have to do it all alone.. :s

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