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cheat for twins (critterfan2563)

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ya type the cheat out while they r trying :oops: and wait for the tune to let ya know ya have done it and as soon as the tune start ya got to hit enter right away not a spit sec after so ya gotta be fast :dance1:

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there is another cheat,im not sure if it works cuz i dont want twins but it will give you twins everytime supposidly,it is intProp chanceOfTwins 100,i am not sure if the f in of is capital or not but give it a try.

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Good question, FunintheSun10687, I would really like to know that too. I love having twins, it's easier to cope if you have smart milk because they learn quicker. :babygirl: :heart01:
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I think you have to enter the cheat when the mom is already pregnant :)

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