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Questions about your Late Night preview

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You writing that you can build and run your own Nightclub ala Open for Business, but I'm a bit confused about this information.

We can agree that's it's most likely possible that you can build your own bar on a community lot than have your Sims go there, but your preview makes it sound like you can go there and manage the bar like in OFB, is that true?

Another thing: Your preview states that vampire offspring don't turn into vampires until they hit young adult, while other previews state it will be when they hit teen. Can you clarify on this?
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Sorry for the belated reply. I didn't know people still came here and I've been sick for the past 4 weeks so...

You have to understand it is very hard to take notes of people talking (really fast) in another language. At the demonstration itself you forget to ask things that you later on think about. It's also hard to write a preview in a foreign language. I'm Dutch, the demo took place in Germany, and the producers talk in English. Now I understand them just fine, but it's all very confusing at times.

As for the bar. I can't make it more clear than I wrote in my preview. Azure told us we can build our own bars. You can make all kinds of bars. But -I think- each bar pretty much runs itself. It's not like your Sim can run the place. You can set the exclusivity of the bar, which means the most exclusive bars will attract celebrities.

I don't think you understood my preview well. In my preview I'm trying to explain that anyone younger than young adult only has positive perks when they're a vampire. When they become young adults, they also experience the more negative side of being a vampire. It's what Azure told me. And that's what I wrote down.

I'm not sure if you mean that other sites claim teens already experience the downside of being a vampire, or if you mean that I claim in my preview that vampires are not actual vampires until they are young adults. I can't speak for the other fansites. But in my preview I try to be as clear as I possibly can.
Vampire children eat regular meals and do regular Sims stuff, like going to school during the day
That's a piece of text from my preview. I am pretty clear children are also vampires. But they just don't turn into full vampires until they are young adults. If this is false information, Azure wasn't clear in her demo, because that is what I (and other fansites) heard during the demo.

I appreciate feedback and questions. I try so hard on these previews and I can't help it if there are mistakes. Sometimes EA isn't clear at all. I just hope the previews are appreciated by our readers. And I hope my answers were useful. :)

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I see, thanks for replying.
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