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Sims 3 fansite previews

SNW Webmiss
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We attended a Dutch hands-on event on May 15. And of course we wrote 2 articles:Simsnetwork - in English
Simsnetwerk - in Dutch

But we weren't the only sites present at the event. I thought it would be nice to have a list of all the (known) attendees. Some sites only wrote in Dutch, so we link to the automatically translated articles. Also, none of the attending sites were allowed to take pictures at the Dutch event. It's something we would have liked but just weren't allowed to do.

But first Junior. Junior is our site mascotte and has his own celebrity Hollywood blog (Juniorwood). He always writes funny articles about the events, always with pictures. Those are fun to see. But the articles are in English as well. Here is a list of Junior's moblogs from the hands-on event:

Juniorwood - Sims 3 Hands-on - Moblog 1
Juniorwood - Sims 3 Hands-on - Moblog 2
Juniorwood - Sims 3 Hands-on - Moblog 3
Juniorwood - Sims 3 Hands-on - Moblog 4
Juniorwood - Sims 3 Hands-on - Moblog 5
Juniorwood - Sims 3 Hands-on - After party post!
(All posts are in English)

My sweetheart ChEeTaH has written a nice and informative preview on The Sims Zone. Click here to read it! (English)

My best friends Mogway and DeKDeS from DMS2C were also present and have written in English and Dutch.

Article (Google Translate)
MJ Chun Interview (English)

SnootySims (English)

Sims 3 Nieuws was present with 3 team members and they all wrote something:
Patricia (English)
Frikkelfrab's #1 (Google Translate)
Frikkelfrab's #2 (Google Translate)
Rensdesim. (Google Translate)
MJ Chun interview (English)

Simlicious (Google Translate)

MammaSims (Google Translate)

Simsplanet2 (Google Translate)

Sims Universe (Google Translate)

SimsShine (Google Translate)

I hope I included everyone at the event. If not, please contact me through a PM and let me know!
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SNW Webmiss
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A few weeks before the event in The Netherlands there was another event in the UK for fans (and fansites). THey also were not allowed to take any pictures. But it's definitely worth reading.

We'll start with The Sims Zone, because Andy from TSZ has been at one of the events in the UK and he's written a preview. Click here to read it!

Graden of Shadows


The Sims Hub


Official EA UK forum members:




Ultramon05 #1

Ultramon05 #2
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SNW Webmiss
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The Brazil events were all part of a tour. Even though they are in Portuguese (I believe), they are pretty nice to read through Google Translator. Some of the attendees were able to take pictures.

Alala Sims - Report - Video

Sim Manacios: Report - Video - Pictures

SimsDomination - Pictures

Totalmente Sims - Pictures and Video

SimVIP - Pictures (Goodies and award)

SimSeries - Report

OSimBR - Pictures - Preview

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