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I thought I'd already said hello. I wanted to expand my horizons with spore a bit and was drawn here by DeKDeS whom I first got to know through the Oddball collection. Of course, being an odDballL (case sensitive) myself I couldn't resist getting in on the fun. So, again it was DeKDeS latest DNA Challenge that drew me here. I actually read the whole forum where the rules were posted and saw a whole new way of trying to come up with something new. Lots of fun and I turned out a creature that I'm not sure would have had life other than through the challenge. I'm also liking the player interaction via this kind of game and have been looking for ways to better connect with other Spore-artist.

I sort of posted a challenge of my own here that is Adventure based. I posted it in the Adventures because I didn't really consider it a challenge in as much as it was to strike up a conversation about a really tough one that I created.

I am looking forward to getting to know some of my Sporian brothers and sisters as we continue our journeys through the Sporeniverse.

Just thought you might want to know just a byte more than you did 30 seconds ago. XD

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Hi there and welcome!

Sorry I did not respond earlier, I have a lot of things on my hands.

It's great to see you here. The first time I saw you it was because someone asked if I was you on the sporum.
It was great to see someone that had the name "odDballL" and no wonder that some people asked if it was me hehe.

Unfortunately EA/MAXIS does not yet allow us to delete a screen name. I had read that you tried "oddball" before, though the screen name "The oddball" is still a secondary screenname I use, but I want to delete it, when we can again.

Don't be discouraged if the forums here seem a bit quiet, but it is a fact that the official Sporum from EA is the first thing new players look at. And ofcourse there are many other spore fan site's but this fansite is one of the earlier spore fan sites as i know of, and yeah I have to admit that I also choose to be active here and try to find some more people who want to be active here because this website is made by some close friends that I know in real life.

But be assured that I have talked to a sporemaster before i started to do some little advertisement about sporenetwork, cause I do not want to be deemed a spammer on the sporum. The Sporemaster told me it was ok to post challenges that directed to another website, and they know that I am a sporemaster too, but for the Dutch official fora, but its not called a spormaster there, just a "moderator" ;)

The reason why Rosana (the website's owner) could be silent is because she has a lot of projects she's working on, but I'm sure she will drop you a line in good time.

have fun here, and feel free to let your friends know about SNW, theye also may post there creations /tips and all spore related things and more on SNW if they like.

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Hello odDballL

Welcome on SporeNW, already saw some of your creations coming by on The Oddballodian..
Nice to see you here too, have fun, especially with dekdes DNA challange. :)

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